Welcome to Solucient

Thank you for choosing Solucient as your security provider!

Please refer to the following resources if you need to contact us. To learn more about us, please visit www.SolucientSecurity.com. We look forward to a long and successful partnership in securing your facility.


Our install team will contact you to finalize and confirm your date of installation. You may also be contacted for relevant questions or information necessary to our installation team. If you have questions or concerns regarding your scheduled date or install, please reach out to our installation team directly.

Installation: 1-800-589-2600 ext. 3 / install@solucientsecurity.com

System Programming & Setup

Throughout the installation process, our alarm support specialists will be working to set up your system for the purposes of monitoring. You will be contacted in order to confirm monitoring preferences, user codes, emergency contact lists, and any other relevant programming information. During this period, you may receive automated emails regarding mobile and web access to your
system (if applicable).

Data: 1-800-589-2600 ext. 6 / data@solucientsecurity.com

Monitoring & Service

Following completion of your install, monitoring begins immediately. We offer 24/7 customer service support with our live operators. If you have any questions, or need service, please reach out to our operators.

24/7 Central Station Monitoring & Customer Support: 1-800-589-2600 ext. 0 /

▪ When calling: You will be asked to provide your PIN referenced on your User List to ensure you are authorized to make changes.

▪ When emailing: Please reference your Account Name and Account Number in the subject line. We will verify the email with the User List to ensure you are authorized to make changes. You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been processed.

Payments, Invoices, & Billing

Billing/Accounting: 1-800-589-2600 ext. 4 / accounting@solucientsecurity.com

New Locations & Business, Upgrades, & Referrals

Sales: 1-800-589-2600 ext. 2 / sales@solucientsecurity.com