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Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Solved

Why Use a Video Surveillance System?

Our Video Surveillance systems provide a cost-effective way to enhance security, monitor activity, and improve safety across your business. Solucient’s security professionals design customized surveillance configurations based on your property configuration, security needs, and data storage requirements. We also build your budget into the design to ensure you get the best results possible at accessible price points. 

Whether looking to protect a single location or secure a multi-location enterprise, our CCTV solutions optimize commercial security and keep you informed about what’s happening on your property. 

Solucient cameras and video surveillance solutions are more than just security devices — they are also innovative data collection tools that can be used to identify inefficiencies, solve problems, and better run your business. 

Most importantly, at Solucient, we do more than install customized Video Surveillance solutions with cutting-edge technology. We also established long-term partnerships with our customers to ensure they get the support and response their business needs from their commercial security provider. Our skilled and accredited technicians perform routine Health Checks to monitor the health and operation of the camera system, ensuring it’s operating at maximum capacity.

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Consider installing a CCTV system for the following:

  • Deterrent against Crime: The mere presence of a CCTV system can serve as a deterrent against criminal activity, as potential perpetrators are aware that their actions are being recorded, helping reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, and other forms of criminal activity.
  • Ability to Monitoring Remotely: With modern CCTV systems, you can remotely monitor your property from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or computer, allowing you to keep an eye on your property even when you're not physically present.
  • Incident Investigation: CCTV footage can be used to help investigate incidents on your property, which can help determine the cause of an incident, identify individuals involved, and even help with insurance claims.
  • Employee Monitoring: CCTV systems can monitor employee activity and ensure that they follow company policies and procedures, which can be especially useful in environments where theft or fraud is a concern.
  • Improved Safety: A CCTV system can help improve the overall safety of your property by monitoring areas that may be at risk and alerting you to any potential dangers.

Companies that trust our Video Surveillance Solutions

Peranis Hockey World
Flatrock Manor
Drop Off Inc.
Adoption & Foster Care Specialists

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