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Video Surveillance Trends: The Future of Monitoring and Security

The future of video surveillance is brighter, better, and smarter. 

Video surveillance systems have long served as a cost-effective way for business owners to track activity and increase security measures across their operations. On-premises cameras have a proven track record of affordability, efficiency, and accuracy, making them an in-demand component for security solutions of every size and scope for decades. It’s a trend that’s predicted to continue into the foreseeable future. Recent statistics show that the video surveillance market is expected to grow from $48.7 billion in 2022 to $76.4 billion by 2027.  

Most executives rely solely on video surveillance to monitor their properties and "put eyes" in places they can't physically be at all times. However, current iterations of these security systems offer commercial properties far more than simple cameras. Today’s video surveillance solutions are sophisticated data collection tools that merge cutting-edge innovation and advances in analytics.

The result? 

Elevated and dynamic situational awareness at your fingertips that improves security and helps you better run your business.

Future of video surveillance


Like virtually all technologies, video surveillance has evolved rapidly over the last several years, bringing with it the emergence of new applications, functionality, and trends for business owners running operations in every vertical. Here are some of the latest trends companies should know about the future of video surveillance when developing security solutions for their organizations. 

AI-Powered Analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated virtually every technology sector, including the commercial security vertical. Artificial intelligence has elevated video surveillance capabilities by automating the monitoring and analysis of recorded footage for optimized accuracy and efficiency. Leveraging the power of AI analytics can help detect potential threats and/or unusual behavior, automatically alerting security personnel for reduced response times and improved situational awareness. 

Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud surveillance and storage is another trend that is changing the way business owners use video security systems to protect their properties. Cloud-based storage enables companies to store surveillance footage securely in the cloud for access anywhere, anytime. Not only does cloud surveillance offer several benefits, such as cost savings, flexibility, and scalability; its centralized, but secure, access makes it an ideal solution for large businesses and organizations with multiple locations. 

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring has also gained popularity as a video surveillance trend over the last several years. Remote monitoring capabilities allow security personnel to monitor live video feeds from anywhere. Authorized personnel can simply log in to the security system using their mobile devices or laptops for a real-time view of what is happening onsite at the property. Remote monitoring can offer a cost-effective way for security personnel to respond quickly to potential threats, emergencies, and security breaches for enhanced overall security and safety. 

Other Video Surveillance Innovations Expected to Keep Advancing

Video surveillance also continues to evolve with the integration of other cutting-edge identifying technologies, such as facial recognition, object detection, and license plate recognition. These capabilities can help accurately identify people and objects in virtual real-time to keep security personnel informed at all times of what’s happening on premises. 

The constant advancements in technology have helped video surveillance evolve at rocket pace. AI-powered analytics, remote monitoring, cloud-based storage, and other capabilities, such as facial recognition, improve security, enhance situational awareness, and drive overall effectiveness of video surveillance security systems for more intelligent, reliable, and secure user outcomes. 

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