Spring safety reminders for your home

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Yearning to get outside?

After a long cold winter hunkered indoors, it’s time to get outside and start working on our spring cleaning and home to-do list. As you prepare for the spring and summer months ahead, here’s a handy checklist for you to easily reference to ensure you have a safe and secure home.

The change of season is always a good reminder to do some period check-ups on your home. Like getting a physical at the doctor, it’s important to check in on a regular basis and fix any wear and tear damages to maintain a happy home.

⦁    Check all your smoke detectors for low batteries. They are no good if they can’t go off!

⦁    Sign up for a P.O. Box and send important mail there to prevent identity theft.

⦁    Make sure all your door locks are working and install deadbolts on all doors with outside access.

⦁    Install motion sensitive outdoor lights – they not only make for safety for you but deter criminals from breaking in.

⦁    Trim your shrubs around the home where burglars can hide when breaking into your home.

⦁    Go through old files – shred unnecessary paperwork and file important documents in a fireproof safe.

⦁    No more putting this one-off, if you don’t have a security system this is the single most important thing you can do to secure your house from fire, flooding and crime.

⦁    Emergency preparedness: Consider preparing a 72-hour kit for you and your family to have in your home.

Traveling for Spring Break? While you are packing up your bags and preparing for a week off, don’t forget the home is an easy target for criminals while you are away. In addition to the usual making sure the neighbors check your mail for you, and locking the doors before you go, here are some extra tips to send you on your way to your stress-free vacation!

⦁    Resist the urge to broadcast your whereabouts to the world on social media – you’re basically telling burglars you are out-of-town.

⦁    Don’t leave anything of value out in plain sight, especially near windows.

⦁    Give a spare key to a reliable and nearby friend, neighbor or family member (or all three). They can periodically go by your house to check on things if need be while you are gone.

The best possible way to have a stress-free vacation is to get a home security system. The last thing you want is to come home and find your valuables gone. Or worse, a destroyed home. Contact us to learn how a Solucient security system can help provide safety and peace of mind.