Top 5 home security gadgets priced at $20 or less

glass filmKeeping your family and your home safe is a top priority, so here’s a look at some gadgets you can get that won’t break your bank.

We all have budgets, and these top items can improve your safety for $20 or less.

They’re not a full-fledged security system, but some little things together can provide a big difference.

  • The Mpow Solar Powered Wireless Bright 4 LED Security Motion Sensor is great for your home’s perimeter. Attach it where it will receive natural light, and it picks up motion within 26 feet. Most retailers have it listed for $20.
  • Next is the Doberman Ultra-Slim Window Alarm. Your windows may have locks, but if an intruder breaks the glass, this alarm will sound– and it’s loud at about 100 decibels. It costs around $11.
  • The Artscape Etched Glass Window Film (pictured) comes in a variety of styles, but this simple film sticks on a window and prevents people from seeing valuables that could be on display in your home. It fits the average window at 24 x 36 inches and costs $13.
  • And finally, the UniquExceptional Outdoor Dome Fake Security camera looks as real as they get. A disclaimer: We recommend cameras that work, but these are extremely realistic and could fool a burglar. They cost $8.

According to a study by the Criminal Justice Department at North Carolina University, 2.5 million burglaries occur each year, and homes without security systems are three times as likely to be hit.

Some 83% of convicted burglars say a home security system would deter them from breaking into a home.

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Source: WKRN-TV