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Top 5 home security gadgets priced at $20 or less

Keeping your family and your home safe is a top priority, so here’s a look at some gadgets you can get that won’t break your bank. We all have budgets, and these top items can improve your safety for $20 or less. They’re not a full-fledged security system, but some little things together can provide

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Mistakes you’re making with your home security systems and what you can do about them

Many Americans may wrongly think that property crime nationwide has increased year after year, but such thoughts are not in touch with reality. Statistics has shown that like violent crime, property crime has decreased year after year since 1990. But does that make the task of protecting your home and properties easier or even unnecessary?

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Home security tips for winter

Did you know home break-ins increase during the winter months? Since the days become shorter, the evenings become darker quickly, which normally means homeowners are not around when the home is dark. Motion sensor lighting and video can help to protect a home from burglaries. Coming home to a break-in is a devastating moment for

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